Welcome to our services page! 

Here you can find a list of services and their prices.
* Prices on the website are not a public offer. They are indicated for your understanding in which price segment I work .
When ordering, specify in what currency you want to make the payment .
**If the payment method was selected as per hour, price will be $10 h.

Detailed description of services and their prices.

Website design – business cards: from $200.
Website – business card on a turn-key bases: from $400.

Website – design gallery:  from $250.
Website – gallery on a turn-key bases: from $500.

Website design – corporate website: from $400.
Website – corporate website on a turn-key bases: from $700.

Website design – thematic website: from $400.
Website – thematic website on a turn-key bases: from $700.

Website design – landing page: from $100.
Website – landing page on a turn-key bases: from $250.

Website design – online store: from $500.
Website – online store turnkey website: from $700.

Logo (trademark) development:  from $50.

Development of corporate identity in the framework of business documentation (business cards, envelopes, catalogue, fax and business letter forms, etc.): from $30.

Branded Souvenirs (mugs, pens, etc.): from $30.

All projects will be executed according to the conditions of the customer and printing house (format, size, etc.).
Finished layouts will be transferred to the customer or printing house in the most convenient way.

Business card: from $12.

Flyer unilateral: from $15.

Flyer bilateral: from $30.

Booklet (A4, 1 fold): from $20.

Booklet (A4, 2 folds): from $30.

Poster (A3-A0): from $30.

Calendar table rocker (12 months): from $70.

Calendar wall rocker (12 months): from $80.

Sticker, tag: from $12.

Label: from $50.

Discount card: from $15.

Outdoor advertising (billboards, advertising panels, flag, banner): from $50.

*If any of the above is missing some necessary service, just ask the question in any convenient way for you.
**If you do not have graphic material or it is not enough for work, then for an additional fee, I am ready to assist in the search and preparation of the necessary material (photos, articles and just advertising moves).