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Here you can find additional information.
* If you have any questions or you did not find the answer you need, you can always contact me in any way convenient for you. All communication methods are indicated in Contacts.

Design and redesign

When you start working with the design of your site,
you need to familiarize yourself with the brief.
The design itself will be based on the brief and the prototype (layout of your site).
If you have a prototype, this will simplify the task and save you money.
Landing page design consists of a page and all its elements.
Design of multi-page sites consists not only one main page, but also a few inside pages. The number of internal pages depends on the functionality as well as the type of your site. The final cost takes into account all these details.

Redesign of an existing site.
Redesign is not a replacement for icons, button colors, etc.
Redesign is a complete remodeling of the appearance of your site and its structure.
* The final result of the work will be provided in .psd format.

Website development

Website development is the implementation of all necessary work,
the result of which will be a full and functional site.
In addition to the design (* and all the another works that it includes)
hosting and domain will be acquired (** hosting and domain has a separate fee, which you will make every year).
Assistance in creating a domain name is provided free of charge.
At the end your unique design will gradually turn into a ready-made functional website.
Of course, finally it will be provided with basic SEO optimization, SSL configuration will be carried out. And other key details of a quality site.


If you need help in promoting a site or social networks,
I am also ready to help you with these. We will discuss all the details of this case separately.

** I hope this information helped you and gave a little idea of the workflow.
*** If you have any questions just contact me!